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ECA AGM 2021

This took place on zoom on Friday 26th March at 7.45 for 8pm start.

Everyone Elsenham resident Welcome.

Trustees & Village organisations:

Please inform our secretary, Moyra Jackson, if you are willing to continue in your current role or to represent your organisation for the next 12-month period.  

If you wish to join us  please email elsenhamca

and we will send you the zoom link.

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Remembrance 2020




The Memorial Hall is available for youth & excerise groups (in line with latest Governemnet guidance). 

A Toilet in the Hall is open so that the Youth Football Teams can resume their games

We will now take bookings (but in line with government guidance) for after 21st June 2021.


I have no doubt you will understand our actions and we do this with the best interest of our hall users at heart. It may also allow us to undertake some minor repairs that we have been unable to do when we were in the fortunate position of hall bookings being at full capacity.

We will advise the village as soon as there is any change to this or if there is any relevant information to share. 


  • New website host.

Welcome to the slightly changed Elsenham Community Association website.

All the information that was on our previous site has been copied over so you should see little difference.

Please email elsenhamca

with any problems, updates, comments.