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The last day for editors to receive articles, advertising and letters, which must contain the author’s name and address (which may be withheld), is the 12th of each month. Letters containing more than 500 words may be edited depending on space available. Copy submitted after the 12th may not be accepted but will, if seemed appropriate, be held over to the next month. We are happy to receive hand written articles which ideally should reach us earlier than the 12th to allow for scanning etc.


Dates for the Diary   must include date, event, venue and start & finish times (often omitted).

You can e-mail us at:


General Notes

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that information is correct, the editorial team cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience caused through errors or omissions.


The views expressed within this magazine are not necessarily the views of the editorial team or Elsenham Community Association (ECA).


The editors and the ECA can accept no responsibility for the goods or services advertised in the magazine. Advertisements are included in good faith. The Editors reserve the right to allow replies to letters/articles to be made in the same edition when appropriate.


The Editors decision is final.



Elsenham News is delivered free of charge to every house and business in Elsenham Parish.

Elsenham News is available by email (PDF) at no charge, or through the post at a cost of £13 per annum. Contact details below.



Village residents may submit short details of items wanted or for sale etc., at no charge. These will be included in the next available issue of the magazine subject to space and acceptance by the editors.


Advertising Rates

                                                 Single Insertion                              Annual (11 issues)                                                                                                   

Back Cover       (13cms x 19cms)         £75.00                                               N/A

Full Inside Page (13.2cms x 19.2cms)   £50.00                                               N/A

Half Page          (13.2cms x 9.5cms)     £17.50                                           £175.00

Quarter Page     (6.4cms x 9.5cms)        £9.00                                             £90.00


Flyers inserted into the magazine.          £50

(flyers to be provided by the advertiser)

Village organisations attract reduced rates of £4 for ¼ page. Half and full-page advertisements attract full rates.


Cheques should be made payable to “Elsenham Community Association”.


To place an advertisement:

We are always happy to discuss your advertising needs with you. 

Ideally send your advert as a Word, Publisher or .jpeg document via e-mail to:


 marked for attention of the Advertising Editor.


Elsenham News Editorial Team can be contacted via: